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Are you looking for employees? Do you need a proven crew for your company? Are you recruiting employees? We will help you.

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We will provide you with:

production workers
warehouse workers
workers for automotive industry
workers in the processing industry
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Employee outsourcing


We handle all types of work. We will relieve you and you will be able to focus on your business!

Costs cutting

Outsourcing allows you to reduce the costs associated with recruitment and training of employees

Focusing on the core business of the company

Outsourcing allows the company to focus on important areas of business activity


Outsourcing enables flexible adjustment of human resources to the current needs of the company

Risk reduction

Outsourcing reduces the risk in the area of personnel problems, including potential employee conflicts

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Something about us!

A legal and efficient employment agent

DAMAKRIS deals with legal and efficient job placement and employment of foreigners. 

As a certified temporary employment agency, we have been operating on the Czech market in the automotive and manufacturing industries for many years. We will help you hire manual workers from the East. We have been on the Czech market for many years. We mainly offer skilled workers.

We recruit
We hire
We deal with HR and administrative services
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