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As an employment agency, we provide HR and administrative services, we help with accommodation and other necessary aspects related to the employment of workers from Ukraine.

Currently, the employment of people from Ukraine is becoming more and more common and is growing steadily. Employees from Central and Eastern Europe make it possible to quickly fill vacancies in employment in many sectors of the economy.

Employees from Ukraine are primarily determined, motivated and willing to work, and for this reason they are increasingly appreciated by employers.

Depending on the service variant, our assistance may include: recruitment, assistance in formalities related to legalization of work, training or accommodation, including the organization of our employees’ transport to work.



Frequently Asked Questions

An employment agency is a company specializing in recruitment and personnel management. We offer services such as recruitment and selection of employees or human resources consulting.

Yes, using the services of an employment agency is often more profitable than conducting recruitment processes on your own. The employment agency has access to a wide database of candidates and has specialist knowledge and tools that allow for more effective recruitment and personnel management.

The costs of using employment agency services depend on the scope of services and the specifics of the project. In general, employment agencies charge a commission on the salary of an employee who will be hired by the company.

The agency conducts the recruitment process based on specialist knowledge and experience and uses selection tools and methods that allow for a thorough check of the qualifications and competences of candidates. In addition, the employment agency always tries to match the candidate's profile to the requirements of a given position. 

Yes, the agency can offer services in the field of personnel management, such as preparing HR documents, calculating salaries, recording working time, as well as organizing training for employees.

Yes, the employment agency offers services in the field of temporary work, i.e. they enable temporary employees to be employed by employment agency clients for a definite or indefinite period.

Yes, the agency usually has specialized recruitment teams that know the specifics of a given industry and are able to properly match candidates to client requirements.

The costs related to employee outsourcing depend on many factors, such as the number of employees, the scope of services, the duration of the contract, etc. The agency usually establishes an individual offer for each client, which takes into account its needs and requirements.

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